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Dancers portraying God, Lucifer, Michael, Eve, and angels stand in formation as a cover photo for an aerial and dance production titled "The First Thorn."

The Reviews Are in: "NO ONE Should Miss Out!"

May 22, 20244 min read

“I would highly recommend this show for any church wishing to bring the Bible to life!” - Kim L.

“NO ONE should miss out!” - Grayson S.

“A great production for all ages!” - Mariah W.

These reviews are what audience members are saying after witnessing our touring production of “The First Thorn.”

What is "The First Thorn"?

“The First Thorn” is a touring aerial and dance production that utilizes original choreography, AI-generated backgrounds, and a narrative voiceover to tell the riveting story of Lucifer’s rebellion and subsequent fall. Amidst the darkness of this tale, a light shines through as we showcase God’s rich mercy and love for His creation in Adam and Eve, the holiness of God’s nature, and the hope mankind finds in Jesus.

Who is "The First Thorn" designed for?

This production not only entertains but also encourages deep reflection and discussion, making it a perfect fit for congregations seeking to engage their members in meaningful ways. Our goal is to bring this production to churches and businesses to spread God’s truths far and wide!

What are audiences saying about "The First Thorn"?

The response to "The First Thorn" has been overwhelmingly positive, with audiences praising both its artistic execution and its spiritual depth. Here are just a few of the glowing reviews we’ve received:

  • Mariah W.: “Loved The First Thorn! I love how it brought the creation story to life! The story telling aspect was well thought out, and a great production for all ages!”

  • Kimberly L.:  “‘The First Thorn’ was a beautiful and dynamic portrayal of God’s creation story. The show allowed the first couple of chapters of Genesis to come alive for the audience. The combination of dance and aerial were a perfect choice to create exciting visuals throughout the show. I would highly recommend this show for any church wishing to bring the Bible to life!”

  • Grayson S.: “The First Thorn is an imaginative and innovative retelling of the creation story. From the dancers to the crew, to the set design, and the AI-generated backgrounds, each plays an important role with each part coming together to work for the glory of the kingdom. The story told on stage is both familiar and refreshing with a deep emphasis on the grandeur of the Maker and the intentionality of His designs. The dances not only highlight the Royalty of the Father but also the intensity of the war in heaven, the passion He poured into the creation of Adam, and the love shared between Adam and Eve. “The First Thorn” will have you anxious to see what happens next as though it is being told the story for the very first time and will leave you longing for more. The feelings you are left with after experiencing “The First Thorn” are that of inspiration, and a desire to create and dive deeper into the essence of who we are as image-bearers of Christ. So, who should see ‘The First Thorn”? Everyone! Believers young and old will walk away with a newfound thankfulness and honor for our Father, your kids will want to take pictures with the dancers and you will want to thank them and the crew for facilitating an atmosphere capable of capturing the notes and fragrances of our heavenly Father's splendor. Whereas nonbelievers will be moved by the artistry and encouraged to ask deeper questions about our faith. All in all there are and will be great works done through this production and NO ONE should miss out!”

Why bring "The First Thorn" to your community?

Engaging and Thought-Provoking: This production is more than just a performance; it's an invitation to explore profound themes and engage in meaningful dialogue. Your congregation will be inspired to think deeply about the nature of sin, redemption, and grace.

High-Quality Production: "The First Thorn" features a talented cast and crew dedicated to bringing this ancient story to life with excellence. From the intricate costumes to the creative choreography, every element of the production is crafted to create a memorable experience.

Community Building: Hosting "The First Thorn" is an excellent opportunity to bring your community together. Whether you're a church looking to deepen the spiritual engagement of your members or an organization aiming to offer enriching cultural experiences, this production is sure to be a unifying event.

Flexibility and Adaptability: We understand the logistical challenges of hosting events. Our team is experienced in adapting the production to fit various venues, ensuring a seamless and impactful experience for your audience.

How do I book "The First Thorn" for my organization?

Don’t miss the chance to bring this extraordinary production to your community!

To learn more about booking "The First Thorn" for your church or organization, please email us at We look forward to the opportunity to share this transformative performance with you and your community!

To learn more about "The First Thorn" check out this blog post.

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