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A dancer portraying Eve from the Bible looks intently into the camera.

Unveiling "The First Thorn": an Aerial and Dance Production

April 15, 20242 min read

This weekend marks the first original production presented by our Creative Leaders Academy.

We’re reaching beyond our limits to showcase the abilities of our students and telling the riveting story of God’s creation amidst the darkness of the fall. 

What is The First Thorn about?

At the heart of this performance lies a tale as ancient as time itself—the biblical story of Lucifer's fall from grace. In this captivating interpretation, we explore the depths of this pivotal moment in history, drawing parallels between the symbolism of thorns and the nature of sin.

Why is it called "The First Thorn"?

In Scripture, thorns are recurrent symbols of sin. Lucifer's rebellion against God is often regarded as the inception of sin, the first thorn to pierce the fabric of creation.

Why choose this story to tell?

In crafting this production, we seek to unravel the complexities of Lucifer's descent, delving into the depths of his pride and the consequences of his rebellion. However, through the darkness, there shines a profound truth—one that lies at the core of our faith. For woven within the narrative of "The First Thorn" is the unfathomable love of a Creator who knowingly ventured into the realm of human frailty. 

This paradox lies at the heart of our production—a testament to the boundless love and sovereignty of our Creator. In exploring the depths of sin and redemption, we are reminded of the profound mystery of God's plan for humanity—a plan rooted in love, grace, and the ultimate triumph over darkness.

In a world beset by darkness and uncertainty, may "The First Thorn" serve as a beacon of hope—a reminder that even amidst the shadows, the light of God's love shines ever bright.

Who should come to see The First Thorn?

This production is for anyone who wants to hear about the redemptive power of God’s love through an awe-inspiring display of dance, aerial, and storytelling.

Where and when will The First Thorn take place?

We hope you will join us at this one-of-a kind experience on Saturday, April 20th at 7pm at the Luther High School Auditorium.

Tickets can be purchased here.

A poster detailing where and when "The First Thorn," an original Aerial and Dance production, will take place.

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Shelby Huckleberry

Shelby Huckleberry is the CEO of Reclaiming Arts, a performing arts center in Edmond, Oklahoma that focuses on Christian values and excellent training in the performing arts.

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