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Over Overwhelm? Overcome it!

March 13, 20242 min read

As the school year winds down, parents find themselves at the crossroads of excitement and overwhelm when it comes to planning their child's summer.

The multitude of options for activities and the desire to create a perfect schedule can often lead to a sense of chaos and uncertainty.

In the midst of this whirlwind, it's crucial for parents to hone in on key priorities that not only benefit their child's growth but also ensure a balanced and enjoyable break for the entire family.

Here are 4 simple things to incorporate into your child's summer:

1. Something New

Summer provides a wonderful opportunity for children to explore and embrace new experiences that may be challenging to pursue during the school year. Offering your child the chance to try something different, whether it's a new hobby, sport, or skill, fosters personal growth and a sense of adventure. The break from academic pressures allows them to discover untapped interests, build self-confidence, and develop valuable life skills. Encourage your child to try that dance class they've always been interested in, learn that musical instrument, perform in a theatrical production, etc. and watch them flourish in new ways.

2. Something Social

Summer is a great time for kids to not only try new things but also to connect with friends. Enrolling your child in summer classes lets them explore their artistic side while making friends who share similar interests. It's a fun and collaborative environment where they can learn and create together, fostering both artistic skills and meaningful friendships.

3. Something Faith-Based

Consider enrolling your child in Christian-based summer programs. These programs offer a focused opportunity for children to enhance their spiritual growth during the break. By stepping away from the usual routines, they can concentrate on strengthening their relationship with God and developing a more profound understanding of Scripture.

4. Something for You

Amidst the summer hustle, consider the rejuvenating potential of utilizing your child’s summer activities as brief breaks for yourself. Whether it's a couple of hours during a camp or a day of activities, these pockets of time offer you a chance to recharge. Taking advantage of these opportunities allows you to find renewed energy for daily tasks, fostering a healthier balance during the summer months.

In planning your child's summer, keep it simple. Encourage them to try new things, hang out with friends, explore their faith, and make sure to take a breather. It's not about doing it all; it's about making moments that matter. So, here's to a summer of good times, growth, and keeping things easy and enjoyable for everyone!

Want to get a head start on summer planning and don’t know where to start? We offer summer programs for children ages 3+ that focus on creativity, community, and Christian values. Explore our class offerings here to get started!

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Shelby Huckleberry

Shelby Huckleberry is the CEO of Reclaiming Arts, a performing arts center in Edmond, Oklahoma that focuses on Christian values and excellent training in the performing arts.

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