Charges and Payments

Upon enrollment, you will be asked to sign up for auto-pay. Reclaiming Arts has permission to charge your card for your monthly balance on the 5th of each month. If payment is declined for any reason, a correction must be made 15 days following the transaction or a $15 late fee will be charged to the account. Students whose accounts are not at a zero balance will not be allowed to participate in performances. Students who have an account that is two months overdue will not be allowed to participate in classes until tuition is current.

A non-refundable enrollment fee of $40 is due to secure placement. There are no refunds for early termination. Students who register for classes after August will need to pay a production catch up fee for calculated production and costume expenses.

Students have the privilege of running a snack charge account. Permission is granted by the parent and is not monitored by Reclaiming Arts. Communicating snack charges is the responsibility of the parent.

Excluding music private lessons, all monthly payments are based on the entirety of the program and not a specified number of classes/rehearsals per month. Payments are divided into monthly payments for your convenience.

Music and Private Lessons

Payment for private lessons are due BEFORE the lesson begins. Once the private lesson is scheduled, your card on file will be charged. The instructor has the right to cancel any private lesson that has not been paid. Due to time it takes to prepare for a lesson, cancellations must be made 24 hours prior to the start of the lesson and the instructor and front desk be notified. There are no refunds for a cancellation made the day of the lesson or a no-show.

MUSIC LESSON STUDENTS are committed to the entire semester once enrolled and can only drop lessons at the semester's end. Music teachers have a selected number of students they are able to teach, so by enrolling, you are taking up one of those spots for the entire semester.


Reclaiming Arts students are asked to obtain a standard of excellence that includes consistent attendance in all classes. Please plan time wisely. It is important to the cohesiveness of your students’ training that they attend classes every week as scheduled. If your child will be absent from class, please contact the front desk and/or teacher prior to the class time. Absences may reflect a student’s part in the choreography/production. Teachers/Directors have the right to take out a student in a part or whole of choreography/production if attendance is not consistent. Upon availability of the teacher, private lessons will be offered to catch the student up in the class. It is encouraged to schedule private lessons whenever a student is absent for the sake of keeping up with technique and grasping class choreography with proficiency. When a student misses a class there is no refund.

Spring Production

By enrolling in the class, you are giving the teacher/director permission to pick out the costume for performance. Costumes and production fee are calculated into monthly tuition. Refunds or prorating will not be given for those opting out of recital.Dress and tech rehearsals are mandatory to participate in the recital. Reclaiming Arts may ask a student to not participate (without giving a refund) if dress or tech rehearsals are missed.

Dress Code

Class dress codes are created with the student’s safety and optimal training in mind.

Please abide by the dress code in each class.

Teachers have the right to ask a student to not participate in class if dress code is not met.

Calendar and Class Cancellations

A calendar for holidays and breaks is located on the website.

It is the parent’s responsibility to keep up with studio communication. Cancellations due to weather or other unforeseeable circumstances will be made at least 2 hours (if applicable) before class start time. Students have the opportunity to schedule a make up class in a similar level and style within one month of the missed class.


All parents who have students receiving EPIC learning funds must fill out an EPIC form and receive a confirmation of submission before Reclaiming Arts will submit an invoice to receive funds for payment. If any changes to your child’s invoicing is required, you must fill out a new EPIC form for the change to be official. Once the learning fund is depleted, Reclaiming Arts has the right to charge the card on file to receive payment.

Class Placements

Placement in classes is based on ability, experience, and maturity factors. Students may be younger or older than suggested age for class based on these factors. Reclaiming Arts teachers and director put the student’s best interest in mind when choosing class placement. Teachers and/or Reclaiming Arts director may move a student during the year to provide them with a class that best allows them to learn and grow. A student can schedule an evaluation at their convenience. There will be an evaluation fee of $15 to cover the teacher’s time.


If you wish to drop a class, you must fill out a drop form. Please notify the desk in writing to send a drop form. Once you receive confirmation of submission, the withdraw from the class will be official. Please do this by the 1st of the month or your card will be charged for the following month’s payment. There are no refunds given if the drop form has not been confirmed by the 1st of the month.

Perpetual Enrollment

Starting April 1st, 2024, all enrollment for 2024-2025 classes are on an ongoing basis until notice of withdrawal. It is understood that your card will be charged on the 5th of each month unless a drop form has been submitted and confirmed. This includes summer months. Class placements will be given on an annual basis with a schedule of classes. Those that withdrawal from classes, for any length of time, will need to pay an enrollment fee to re-enroll. Otherwise, no enrollment fee will be charged.


Reclaiming Arts has the right to ask for a doctor's note if an injury has occurred. Parents, students, and teachers must abide by doctor's recommendations for continuing training.

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